One day I was downloading a small video clip from my GDrive for another Monday morning meeting(ugh..) and suddenly GDrive returned a 403 error says I don’t have authorization. Wait…what??


Access to was denied
You don’t have authorization to view this page.
HTTP Error 403

I was staring at the screen for a few seconds and trying to understand the situation.

Playing the video clip seems working no problem but just couldn’t download the file on my computer.

I had hopped between accounts to see if that makes any differences but no luck. My Monday morning just got more complicated.

It turned out many people have been experiencing similar problems, and here is the solution that worked for me; “Log out from your Google account and log back in”.

If you have multiple Google accounts saved on your web browser (in this case I was using Chrome) that might be causing this problem.

Yes, I admit… I am an account-phile.


Once I logged out from the GDrive and log back in with the same account (the one just made my Monday miserable), everything became okay except the meeting itself. It sucked, ugh.



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