Maybe it’s just me but when you work in IT long enough, two things usually happen to you. First, you become good at taking care of others IT issues. Second, you become extremely lazy taking care of your own IT problem at home. I used to have this IBM thinkpad laptop its video driver was missing and I was just too lazy to download the driver. After 3 years of watching the File Explorer window makes ripples when it’s moved, I finally downloaded the damn driver.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, one of my co-workers started to worship about the great macOS 10.14 Mojave and its great features. Since I’ve been cheated(?) by Apple’s features from time to time(e.g. iOS 7’s wireless sync feature where I had to connect the wire to the charger to use the wireless sync… Which totally makes sense but as a user, I felt cheated.. ), I was a bit skeptical but eventually it had me at the “Dark Theme”

The problem did happen when I completed the upgrade. Although I hadn’t set any password for 10.13, Mojave’s login window won’t let me log in with the blank password I previously used, neither let me go back to 10.13 in a kind way.



Fortunately, I had the time-machine backups so going back and setting a new password and re-upgrade to Mojave wasn’t that painful as it sounds. I mean, FreeBSD and all, I get it but it would’ve been a bit nicer if the upgrade process reminds users about this.

So, the bottom line- when you upgrade your macOS to 10.14 Mojave, make sure you have set a password before you start the upgrade process otherwise a sad thing will happen.

Oh, by the way, the Dark Theme is awesome.


p.s. After everything I’ve been through, my mac still must think she is 10.13 High Sierra.



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